Weekly Bulletin


Sunday, October 20, 2019  -  6th Sunday of Luke


Sunday, October 20

6th Sunday of Luke

8:15 a.m.  Orthros

9:30a.m. Divine Liturgy



Wednesday, October 23

5:15–7:00p.m.  Greek School

7:00 p.m. Concerned Mothers Group

7:00 – 8:00 p.m.  Dance Practice


Thursday, October 24

10:30 a.m.  English Bible Study

11:30am Ladies Bereavement Group

5:30 p.m.  to 7:00 p.m.  Beginners Adult Greek School

7:00pm Bible Class


Saturday, October 26

St. Demetrios the Myrrh-flowing

8:15a.m.  Orthros

9:00am  Divine Liturgy


Welcome to all our Visitors.  Please join us for fellowship in the Hall after the services.  Important note regarding Holy Communion:  Only those faithful who are Orthodox Christians and have properly prepared themselves by fasting (from all food, chewing gum and drink this morning), prayer and recent confession, may approach to receive Holy Communion.


  • TODAY: GENERAL ASSEMBLY will be held today, Sunday, October 20th after the Divine Liturgy.  Please participate and support our Community. 


  • OXI DAY CELEBRATION will be held next Sunday, October 27th in the Hall after Church. The School has prepared a good Program. Please come and see our children with their songs and poems.  


Please remember to go and participate in the research study for the Beta Thalassemia Disorder. It is located in the Hall foyer.


Pan-Orthodox Effort:  We are joining with the Pan-Orthodox Churches in our area to help once a month (second Saturday of the month) to donate, cook and serve food to a Women’s Shelter at Bethesda Missions. If you wish to volunteer, please talk to Fr. Michael. We meet there and serve a meal the 2nd Saturday of the month. Thank you for your consideration.


Byzantine Chant lessons:  Father Aaron Gilbert is offering Byzantine Chant lessons every Saturday at 4:45 p.m.  If you are interested, please contact Father Aaron at (717) 727-4014, or via email at aaron@holytrinityhbg.org.


If anyone is in need of assistance, contact Fr. Michael (717) 818-1160 or Mrs. Georgia Lucas (717) 697-0913.  


To schedule a memorial service or artoclasia, please be sure to contact the Church Office in advance as the staff will be able to assist you with the necessary information.   Thank you.  


Stewardship Pledges Our goal for 2019 is to have over 500 Pledging Families cover 100% of our Stewardship Budget of $385.000.00.  This is an average of $1,200 per household, or $100/month or $25/week. We are requesting an average of 10% increase of your last year’s Stewardship contribution.  And, we truly appreciate your steadfast Stewardship financial contributions to fully offset our Operating Expenses of $695,000.  The encouraging Pledged Amount as of August 5, 2019 was $305,306 and the Actual Stewardship Contributions are $226,954.  Please return your 2019 stewardship pledge form and indicate what you wish to pledge for 2019.  Thank you. 



2nd Annual Christmas Musical: December 2019.  We are having a Christmas Musical again this year.  We are in need of singers, dancers, actors, backstage crew and of course parents to help with set building, costumes and fundraising.  The musical is open to all of the youth of our community. If you have any questions please contact Ann Ariano at (annariano@pa.net/717 379-6350) or Connie Kokos at (cgkokos1495@comcast.net/717 571-9066).


Bookstore News:  We have received different CD’s that have Byzantine chants in Greek and English for all the Services.  We are also constantly adding new book titles to our excellent collection of Orthodox books. Our new book is “Ascetics in the world” which is full of biographies of ordinary people who currently lived in the Society with families and managed to always please the Lord. We have the wine that is used for communion available to purchase and donate for use during communion.  We also have “light” olive oil for the vigil lights in the Holy Altar.  We can also special-order books, icons and other items that are not normally stocked in the bookstore.  For more information or special requests, contact Jim and Kiki Lloyd by calling 717-507-0003 or through email: bookstore@holytrinityhbg.org.


Please remember to “Like” our Facebook page.   We can be found by searching Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral Camp Hill PA.  Click the Like button to receive Holy Trinity updates on your newsfeed.


After a lengthy delay, we are pleased to announce the distribution of the 75th Commemorative Album!  Beginning this Sunday, October 13, you will be able to pick up your copy of the Commemorative Album after Church in the social hall.  One album will be distributed at no charge for each page paid for in the album.  Additional albums will be available for purchase at the cost of $40 for one, $70 for two, and $100 for three.  Since there was such a delay in finishing the album, the Church did not invoice anyone who still owed money for their page.  Those 11 individuals/family will receive an invoice by the beginning of this coming week.  YOUR PAGE MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR ALBUM!  Please make your check payable to Holy Trinity Cathedral and mail/drop it off in the office this week with your invoice attached.  We will have the list of purchasers at the distribution table, and you will be asked to sign for your copy so that we can be sure to accurately account for these albums. Thank you for your patience.   The 75th Anniversary Album Committee


We are live streaming our Services on Sunday mornings for those who are homebound or unable to make it to Church. Go to our website, and on the left side you will see the live streaming feature in red for you to click on. 


Upcoming Events:


  • It is not too late to register for Greek School. We ask that parents please bring their children for the Greek School program. This year we will be focusing on the written but also the spoken language, history and culture, songs and games. The classes are from the Kindergarten age to 8th grade.  The classes are on Wednesdays throughout the year from 5:15pm – 7:00pm. Please bring your child(ren).  


  • Beginners Adult Greek School on Thursdays, from 5:30pm to 7pm. We are looking forward to a very productive year.  Fr. Michael is teaching again this year.


  • Bible Classes have begun. We will have two opportunities to come on Thursdays; 10:30am and also at 7:00pm. Please consider coming and learn about the Word of God and our faith.


  • Concerned Mothers’ Group will meet this Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:00pm in the Library. During dance practice, we encourage the mothers to please come to this special class.


  • Ladies Bereavement Group will meet this Thursday, October 24th at 11:30am in the Library. Different issues are discussed pertaining to this special group.


  • Evrytanian Group will sponsor a bake sale on Sunday, November 17. Proceeds to go to special needs children.


Our Pictorial Directory is in!!!  Please see us in the Hall to receive your directory. The directory is free for those who took pictures and/or submitted a photo. The cost to purchase one is $10.