Weekly Bulletin


December 9, 2018        10th Sunday of Luke

Sunday, December 9

St. Anna

8:15 a.m. Orthros

9:30 a.m. Div. Liturgy


Pictures taken for Pictorial Directory

Evrytanian Bake Sale

GOYA Meeting


Monday, December 10

7:30am Orthros and Divine Liturgy

11:00am Seniors - Christmas Party in Bethlehem, PA


Tuesday, December 11

7:45am Orthros and Divine Liturgy


Wednesday, December 12

St. Spyridon, Wonderworker

8:15am Orthros and Divine Liturgy

Sts. Joachim & Anna Bus Trip to DC

5:15pm - 7:00pm Greek School & Adult Gr. Class


Thursday, December 13

7:45am Orthros and Divine Liturgy

10:30am Bible Class

11:30am Ladies Bereavement Group

6:30pm Bible Class


Friday, December 14

7:45am Orthros and Divine Liturgy

GOYA Caroling (East Shore)


Saturday, December 15

St. Eleftherios

Sunday School Communion Breakfast

8:15 a.m. Orthros

9:15 a.m. Divine Liturgy

GOYA Caroling (Nursing Homes) after musical practice

6:00pm  Vespers


December 16

11th Sunday of Luke

8:15 a.m. Orthros

9:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy

AHEPA Blood Drive

3pm Christmas Musical in the Hall:   “Jesus Means Christmas to Me”


Holy Trinity Announces its First Community Christmas Musical, “Jesus Means Christmas To Me”.  This will be held next Sunday, December 16th at 3:00pm in our Hall and promises to be a most wonderful production.  Please plan to join us.  For more info, please call Connie Kokos 717-571-9066 or Ann Ariano 717-379-6350.


Welcome to all our Visitors.  Please join us for fellowship in the Hall after the services.  Important note regarding Holy Communion: Only those faithful who are Orthodox Christians and have properly prepared themselves by fasting (from all food, chewing gum and drink this morning), prayer and recent confession, may approach to receive Holy Communion.


Second Tray will be passed today for the “Greek Relief” in Greece.  As always, your donations help with the urgent needs of the people and help supply the Food Pantry (meat, dry goods, canned milk, etc) that they have which is also now supplying the surrounding villages that are in need. Also winter has started and they are in need of fuel, wood, etc.. May God bless you for giving from your hearts. The need is great. 


Great news:  We are going to have a Pictorial Directory in our Community. Final day for pictures is today. There are appointment slots open later on this afternoon, if you are interested. Please talk with the Committee members:  Nicole Theofanis, Beth Spanos and Presvytera Maria Varvarelis if you have questions or to make an appointment today.  Also, if you need to update your address, phone numbers, etc.., for this directory, please fill out the form in the bulletin and give it to the Office. Thank you.


GOYA CAROLING:  GOYA will have a table this Sunday for people to sign up if they wish for the GOYANS to come to their homes. The caroling dates are Friday the 14th (East shore), Saturday the 15th (nursing homes) after the Christmas play rehearsal, and Friday the 21st (West shore).  Please sign up if interested.

Pan-Orthodox Effort:  We are joining with the Pan-Orthodox Churches in our area to help once a month (second Saturday of the month) to donate, cook and serve food to a Women’s Shelter at Bethesda Missions. If you wish to volunteer, please talk to Fr. Michael.


Ionian Village Fund for GOYA Seniors - Exciting News: Since the Parish Council meeting in August, our Cathedral has established the Ionian Village Fund to help the GOYA Seniors if they wish to go to Ionian Village to be able and receive funds from this source. There are some restrictions on eligibility; Participation in Goya meetings, Sunday School attendance, Goya Retreats etc. We are grateful to one of our parishioners who contributed the first $5,000 for the fund and to the Ladies Philoptochos who donated $1,000. We are inviting and encouraging our parishioners and our Organizations to consider contributing and donating towards this.  We are looking for an annual fundraiser to provide another opportunity to raise the necessary funds. Thank you for considering helping. Fr. Michael.


The Iconography Project for our Church is done for now. So far, only two icons are still available to be sponsored are: St. Efstathios and St. Evanthia. Please speak to Fr. Michael which icon you may wish to sponsor at 717-818-1160. While the Iconography Project is going very well with our generous Parishioners sponsoring Icons for our Cathedral. We have received the request from Parishioners who cannot sponsor an Icon though, they want to contribute towards the Iconography Project.  At the Parish Council on Tuesday, June 19th we welcomed this idea and wish our Parishioners to contribute for one Icon that of St. Photios, Patron Saint of our Metropolis.  We have a collection box in the Narthex designated for this purpose.  Thank you for your support.


Byzantine Chant lessons:  Deacon Aaron Gilbert is offering Byzantine Chant lessons every Saturday at 5:00 p.m.  If you are interested, please contact Deacon Aaron at (717) 727-4014, or via email at aaron@holytrinityhbg.org.


Stewardship Pledges Our goal for 2018 is to have over 500 Pledging Families cover 100% of our Stewardship Budget of $360.000.00.  This is an average of $1,200 per household, or $100/month or $25/week. According to our 2018 Budget voted at our General Assembly in December 2017. We are asked, each Steward, to increase our Stewardship offering 5% more this year.  However, since some households may not be able to contribute at this level, we are requesting those who are able to please consider donating more!  To date, we have generated $295,789.00 in the Actual Pledged commitments for the year (as of December 1st) and we have currently received $269,249.00 in actual pledge payments in the first 11 months of the 2018 calendar. Thank you.


Bookstore News:  We have received different CD’s that have Byzantine chants in Greek and English for all the Services and for both Paraklesis Services.  We are also constantly adding new book titles to our excellent collection of Orthodox books. Our new book is “Ascetics in the world” which is full of biographies of ordinary people who lived in the Society with families and managed to always please the Lord. We have the wine that is used for communion available to purchase and donate to Father Michael for use during communion.  We also have “light” olive oil for the vigil lights in the Holy Altar.  We can also special-order books, icons and other items that are not normally stocked in the bookstore.  For more information or special requests, contact Jim and Kiki Lloyd by calling 717-507-0003 or through email: bookstore@holytrinityhbg.org.


If anyone is in need of assistance, contact Fr. Michael (717) 818-1160 or Mrs. Georgia Lucas (717) 697-0913.  


To schedule a memorial service or artoclasia, please be sure to contact the Church Office in advance as the staff will be able to assist you with the necessary information.   Thank you.  


Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral Pilgrimage to Constantinople (Istanbul) and the Holy Land- September 1-13, 2019

Join Father Michael as he leads a pilgrimage to Constantinople (Istanbul) and Israel.  We will spend 3 days touring Constantinople (Istanbul) and 8 days in Israel following the footsteps of Christ. The price will include the round-trip flight to Istanbul and Tel Aviv:

  1. Ground transportation and tour guides       2.  Breakfast and dinner
  2. 4/5 Star hotel accommodations 4.  Multiple day tours
  3. Admission to shrines and attractions

Tour is limited to first 45 pilgrims who register and make payments according to the scheduled timeline.  Registration will be offered exclusively to Holy Trinity parishioners through December 31, 2018.  After that date, registration will be opened up to other orthodox parishes.  There will be a registration table with more information set up in the hall after the Divine Liturgy Sundays in November and December.  For more information please contact Fr. Michael at frmichael@holytrinityhbg.org or Peter Aftosmes at pdez@comcast.net or Yemane Tzeggai at ybt@aol.com .





  • PANHELLENIC SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION – Scholarship available to all University and College undergraduate students of Hellenic descent to recognize those with high scholastic achievements and to support those in need. They will give 20 – Awards of $10,000 each for both need and scholastic achievements, 2 –Awards of Music and Arts and another 20 – Awards of $2,500 based solely on academic achievements. The application is available on the website. www.panhellenicscholarships.org    Deadline is Jan. 31st.